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Chris' Anime MIDI Page

Updated: 4/6/98

Welcome to my MIDI page.  In my opinion, music is the key to the soul, and even these small midi files can inspire you to watch anime.  Be inspired by the music and enjoy!!!

I know I do not a have a large range at present, but I hope it will grow as time goes on.  If you have any MIDI files from an anime related series or movie, feel free to send them to me as I really, really need them!!!! For specific midi's wanted by me, see the wanted section near the end of the page.

My E-mail address is

My small but humble MIDI collection.

Tenchi Muyo
Ryoohki's theme
Talent for Love
Ayeka's theme
Pretty Sammy theme
Ayeka's Theme2
I am a Pioneer
Washu's Lullaby
Royal Tear Drop
Achika's Theme
Tenchi Universe (TV series 1) opening
Shin Tenchi Muyo Opening theme
Shin Tenchi Muyo Closing theme
Kagato's Organ Recital
A Pretty Sammy catchy tune
Pretty Sammy BGM
The Lonely Moon
Manatsu no Eve

Macross Plus

Sailor Moon
My Only Love
Carry On
Sailor Moon Transformation BGM
Sailor Scouts Transformation BGM
Moon Revenge
Alan's Flute theme

Ranma 1/2
Love picnic
1st TV Season opening (Don't make me wild like you)

Streetfighter 2
Ryu's theme
A different version of Ryu's theme

You're Under Arrest

Neon Genesis Evangelon
Both of you dance like you want to win
Rei's Theme
Opening theme (Theisis of the dark angel)
Misato's theme
Decisive battle
Ritsuko's Theme
Fly me to the moon

Magic Knight Rayearth
1st TV series opening song
1st TV series opening song(another version)

MIDI FilesWanted by me.
Tenchi Muyo:  Anything I don't already have.
Sailor Moon: Anything I don't already have.
Robotech: Opening Theme.
Street Fighter 2 Movie/ Street Fighter 2 V: Anything I don't already have. SF2V Opening theme.
Macross/Macross Plus: Anything I don't already have.
Voltron: Opening/Ending Theme.

ANYTHING WILL DO!!! Please send me your midi files....NOW!!!!!

Remember......... My E-mail address is

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